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The Bogenschneider Family Worldwide web site is dedicated to the Bogenschneider surname and to its associated histories, lineages, and shared family information.


Bogenschneider Family

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The purpose of this site is for Bogenschneider family members and descendants to have an opportunity to share information on the family heritage and history and to establish contacts and communication with other family members on a worldwide basis. A family member is anyone with the Bogenschneider surname or is a descendant or relative of anyone with the Bogenschneider surname.

The Bogenschneider family is originally from Pomerania, which was a province in Prussia. After World War II, much of Pomerania was transferred to Poland, with most of the Pomeranian area west of the Oder River remaining in Germany. Additional information about Pomerania can be found at my Genealoger site. Family members today reside in the United States and Germany. Because of this, sections of this web site will be presented in both English and German, and communication will be welcomed in either language.

Whenever possible, credit will be given to the source or person that has supplied information. Also, an attempt will be made to ensure the privacy of living individuals. If there are any copyright or privacy concerns, please contact the webmaster to have the information changed or removed from the site.

Duane Raymond Bogenschneider

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Bogenschneider, Duane Raymond. The Bogenschneider Family History and Genealogy. Vol. I: The Descendants of Gottfried David Benjamin Bogenschneider. Mequon, WI: Bogenschneider Publications, 2015. xxxviii, 456 pages; name index and photos. ISBN: 978-0-9903647-1-9

 Volume I of The Bogenschneider Family History and Genealogy covers the life of Gottfried David Benjamin Bogenschneider and the lives of nearly 2000 of his descendants both in Germany and in the United States. Born in 1724, Gottfried David Benjamin Bogenschneider served as a teacher and church sexton in Krackow, Randow, Pomerania, Prussia until his death in 1797.

 Descendants of Gottfried that emigrated to the United States include: 1. August Wilhelm Bogenschneider (1837-1919), who settled in Dodge County, Wisconsin; 2. Carl Friedrich Bogenschneider (1859-1925), who settled in Jefferson County, Wisconsin; 3. Franz Friedrich Wilhelm Bogenschneider (1866-1942), who settled in Jefferson County, Wisconsin; and, 4. William Paul Bogenschneider (1856-1914), who settled in New York City.

 In addition to providing a genealogy of the family, the work provides information on the historical situation and environment of the early ancestors and their families, as well as background on the family name. 

Volume II: The Babenschneider and Bogenschneider Families will be available in the Spring of 2016.

 Volume I is now available through the Pommerscher Verein Freistadt, P. O. Box 204, Germantown, WI 53022. To order, please go to the Verein's web site at and click on Store.  Volume I is priced at $34.00, plus a shipping and handling charge of $7.00; ($32.00, plus $7.00 S/H for Verein members). Payment can be made through PayPal or via check for mail orders. Additional shipping charges apply for orders outside of the United States.