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Bogenschneider-Ruffin Wedding
November 14, 2009

Duane Bogenschneider and Patricia Ruffin were married in a small, intimate wedding on November 14, 2009 at the Pfister Hotel (Café Rouge) in Milwaukee, Wisconsin at 5:00 p.m.  Pat's sister, Maureen McClone, served as her Matron of Honor.  Roger and Virginia Pribnow, brother-in-law and sister of the groom, served as the groom's attendants.  The bride's two godsons and nephews, Jeffrey Houle and Gregory Porter, served as her escorts, and three other nephews, Christopher Houle, Timothy Houle, and Ian Porter served as ushers.

Rev. Walter A. Steinbach served as the Officiant.  Rev. Steinbach, a former school roommate of the groom and a friend for the last fifty years, is pastor of Bethany Lutheran Church in Kaukauna, Wisconsin. Vows spoken at the service were developed by the bride and groom. A Rose Ceremony symbolizing the unity of the couple and their families was conducted. Readings from literature and the Bible were given by: Mary Lou Wegerbauer (sister of the bride), Susan Inbusch (long time friend and honorary sister of the bride), Roger Wilson (long time friend of the groom), Gregory Porter (nephew of the bride), Kathryn Porter (sister of the bride), Allan Bogenschneider (cousin of the groom), Ian Porter (nephew of the bride), Timothy Houle (nephew of the bride), and Christopher Houle (nephew of the bride).

Ceremony music by Mozart, Bach and Handel was provided by Edward Doemland, a noted jazz pianist, composer, and arranger.  Kay Augustine, an experienced and well-known musician, sang the solo "Today."  Music at the reception was provided by the Nick Contorno Quintet.

The bride was attired in a beautiful sapphire blue dress and carried white roses and blue orchids, and the groom wore a black tuxedo.

For the occasion, the bride designed and painted a red rose named the Patricia Rose.

Wedding Bulletin and Notes

Wedding Bulletin

Wedding Notes

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Pictures taken by Mark Ryan and Danny Reese, R&R Photographic Imaging

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Pictures taken by Mary Lou Wegerbauer, sister of the bride

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