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Bogenschneiders Meet at Dobberpuhl Family Reunion

Bogenschneider cousins, all of whom are descendants of August Bogenschneider, who immigrated to the United States in 1870, met at the third Bi-Annual Dobberpuhl Family Reunion on Saturday, August 4, 2007, Sterr Park, Lomira, Wisconsin.

Mildred (Mrs. Wesley) Bogenschneider and sister-in-law Elaine Bogenschneider Falk

First cousins Glenn and Allan Bogenschneider

Dr. Robert and Bonnie Bogenschneider Block

First cousins - Front: Glenn, Allan and Duane Bogenschneider; Back: Elaine Bogenschneider Falk, Vivian Bogenschneider, and Bonnie Bogenschneider Block

Bogenschneider cousins with spouses and daughter.

Rebecca Warnke and mother Elaine Bogenschneider Falk

The attendees at the Dobberpuhl reunion, including the Bogenschneider cousins

Another shot of the attendees