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The Bogenschneider Family Worldwide web site is dedicated to the Bogenschneider surname and to its associated histories, lineages, and shared family information.

Meeting of Bogenschneider Family Branches

On July 11, 2003, two Bogenschneider family branches met for the first time in Schererville, Indiana.  Duane Bogenschneider represented the family of August Bogenschneider (1837-1919),  who came to the U.S. from Kreis Randow, Pommern  in 1870. Raymond and Anna Bogenschneider and Paula Bogenschneider Linstrot represented the family of Johann Carl Albert Bogenschneider (1850-1929), who came to the U.S. from Kreis Naugard, Pommern, in 1887.

Picture of Raymond and Anna Bogenschneider, and their daughter, Paula Bogenschneider Linstrot.

The August Bogenschneider family settled primarily in Dodge County, Wisconsin.  The Albert Bogenschneider family settled in Cook County, (Chicago Area), Illinois.

Paula Bogenschneider Linstrot has been working on the Bogenschneider genealogy for over ten years.  She and Duane shared a lot of helpful information they have gathered on the Bogenschneider family genealogy.