Blumberg, Casekow, Gartz (Oder), Uckermark, Brandenburg, Germany

Blumberg is the home village for many Bogenschneiders.  Blumberg was part of Kreis Randow, Pommern, but today is one of the villages, along with Biesendahlshof, Casekow, Luckow-Petershagen, Wartin and Wolterdorf, in the municipality of Casekow, under the administration of Gartz, in the Landkries Uckermark, in the state of Brandenburg. It has 281 inhabitants and is located six km from Luckow, 15 km from Gartz and 20 km from Schwedt.

Blumberg is mentioned the first time in 1289 by Dukes Bogislaw IV, Barnim II, and Otto I. In 1480, Blumberg was under the control of the aristocratic family of von Sydow. In 1763, the manor Blumberg was acquired by Karl von der Osten, son-in-law of Friedrich von Sydow.  Blumberg was under the feudal control of the junkers for nearly 500 years.  The area had an area of arable land of 2800 hectares, with approximately 1000 hectares as cropland and 1300 hectares of forest, meadow and pasture.  There are now 10 farms, a windmill and a watermill.

In 1945, the land was expropriated from the family of Karl v. d. Osten by the East German government and became national property.  By 1949, the productivity of the land had been increased. In 1953, a pig barn was built to fatten 1600 hogs and 90 stalls for piglets.  In 1969, a cattle operation was constructed. By 1976, Blumberg, along with Wartin, had 4000 hectares under cultivation.  In 1987, the cattle operation was rebuilt with a capacity of 1800 cattle, along with a liquid manure plant.  In 1988, a new hog barn for 7200 hogs was constructed, along with a fodder house and a social building.  Between 1958-1988, 36 dwellings were built for the local people.  These newer buildings contrast some fieldstone buildings in the village dating to the 18th century. The former lord's house was converted to a social center.  Since the reunification with West Germany, the local economy is trying to adjust to the free market conditions.

The manor house in the town dates to 1804, and a horse barn to 1802. The manor house was damaged and plundered in World War II. It was used for refugees and worker's dwellings.  Today it is a meeting place for the community.

In the center of the village is a church which dates to the 13th century.  The 45 m high steeple is a landmark in the area and can be seen from the surrounding countryside. In 1584, it was reported in the Blumberg register that Blumberg had a church with a steeple with three bells hanging in it. In 1637, the church received a gift of a historic communion cup.  All records of the church were lost in the 30 Years' War at this time.  A bell, produced by Christian Koekeritz in Stettin, was donated to the church by the von Sydow family and was hung in the repaired tower in 1664.  In 1685-88, the church roof and windows were repaired. In 1707, a new altar was built, bearing the coat of arms and signature marks of George Heinrich von Sydow and Eleonore, nee von Pufendorf.  The pulpit was not above the altar at this time. In 1718-19, G.H. von Sydow and his wife donated a larger bell obtained from Stettin, but this bell was melted into war material in 1917.  In 1735, a new tower was built in the church. In 1736, a new steeple was purchased for 114 Taler. In 1756, tower and roof repair caused the church to go into large debt. In 1768, the manor patronage of the church was transferred from the von Sydow family to the von der Osten family. In 1772, Heinrich Carl von der Osten donated 1000 Taler for a new organ, new lofts, and a new pulpit above the altar. In 1785, there was a very thorough tower repair.  In 1848-49, the tower was again repaired at a costs of 2288 Taler.  In 1917, the two large bronze bells in the church were melted into war material.  In 1929, these two bells were replaced with two bronze bells cast by the Schilling company in Appolda.  In 1956-57, the tower and roof were again repaired.  In 1960, a new covering was put on the church tower.  In 1963, the monuments and coffins of the von der Osten family were removed from the north side of the church and were relocated to the church cemetery.  This was done because monuments had been destroyed and some coffins opened.  A total of 30 coffins and five children's coffins were moved to the church cemetery. In 1966, the antique glass was repaired. In 1966-68, there was an interior redecoration of the church.  The pulpit was moved to its original place on the north side of the church.  The pulpit has the coat of arms of the von der Osten family and four wood reliefs from 1695. In 1969, the tower is again repaired, and in 1973 an electronic system to ring the bells was installed.  In 1998/99, a generous donation from Dr. Hans Martin allowed for the repair of the church tower and other areas of the church.  Additional contributions were received from the community.

Blumberg, Gemeinde Casekow, Landkries Uckermark

Street in Blumberg

Coblestone street leading to Blumberg church

Wall around church

Steeple of Blumberg church

Steeple from front

Side view of church

Entry to church

Shows stone construction of church

Outside of church

Area around the church

Ground cover next to church

Caution sign warning of reconstruction

Area around the church

Stork nest on roof of church -- is considered good luck

Farm building in the village

Cattle in field in village

Older farm buildings in village

Farm buildings

Farm building

Farm worker's home

Tractor coming down village street

Manor house

Manor house

Driving out of the village

Rape field outside of village