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Family Locations

Current Maps of Towns Where Bogenschneiders
 Lived in Pomerania

The red star indicates the town of Luckow where August Bogenschneider lived.  Just below is the town of Blumberg where the families of Frank and Carl Bogenschneider lived.  North of Luckow and Blumberg is Krackow, where many of the early Bogenschneiders lived.  The blue line indicates the current border between Germany and Poland.  Szczecin (formerly Stettin) was also the home of early Bogenschneiders.

The former Pommern areas of Kreis Saatzig and Kreis Naugard where Bogenschneiders lived are today part of the Polish province of Szczecinski.  The red star indicates the town of Leczyca (formerly Lenz, Kreis Saatzig, Pommern). Another town near Leczyca where Bogenschneiders lived is Parlino (formerly Parlin, Kreis Naugard, Pommern).