Luckow-Petershagen, Casekow, Gartz (Oder), Uckermark, Brandenburg, Germany

The former Luckow, Kreis Randow, Pommern, was the home town of Wilhelmina Walk, who married August Bogenschneider on 14 June 1864 in the Luckow church. August and Wilhelmina emigrated to the United States in 1870 and settled first in Washington County Wisconsin and then in Dodge County, Wisconsin.

Luckow, which merged with the small neighboring village of Petershagen in 1973, is part of the municipality Casekow, along with the villages of Biesendahishof, Blumberg, Casekow, Wartin and Woltersdorf. Luckow-Petershagen has 413 inhabitants and comprises 2,376 hectars.  The area is agricultural. The first mention of Luckow dates to 1248; the first mention of Petershagen dates to 1289. The nearest larger city is Schwedt, located about 30 km from the village. The village is in Amt Gartz (Oder), in the Landkreis Uckermark, in the state of Brandenburg.

In the center of Luckow is the village church which dates to the 13th century.  It was built with a granite brickwork in the second half of the 13th century.  The church was rebuilt at the end of the 19th century (1895-96) at a cost of 24,000 Marks. . A brick tower with a slate roof was added, windows were enlarged, and an east gable was erected.  On 17 August 1911, the church was destroyed by fire, except for the foundation and walls. In 1913-14, the church was reconstructed. The church received two bells from Voss & Son in Stettin, a new roof and steeple were constructed, and a new heating system was added. On 2 August 1914, the church was rededicated. on 24 December 1937, the church again partially burned due to a faulty heating system. In 1945, the roof was almost completely destroyed, the windows were damaged, and the church organ was destroyed by war damage. Reconstruction of the church started again in 1950. New windows were installed in 1951 and a new roof was added in 1956.  In 1960, the spire was covered with slate. In 1992, the roofing of the steeple was repaired at a cost of 230,000 DM. The church has a beautiful clock in the tower. The church no longer has an organ, and the roof is in need of replacement. Roof leaks are causing water stains on the interior walls.

On a hill at the edge of the town, is a historical windmill that is now a historical site. Some old farm machinery is also found at the mill site.  It is possible that August Bogenschneider worked at this mill.  A few hundred meters from the mill stands a modern wind turbine that is used to generate electricity.

The village, as many other small villages in former East Germany, suffers from unemployment.  Many of the young people have relocated to larger cities to the west.

Luckow, Gemeinde Casekow, Landkreis Uckermark

The village of Luckow

Street in Luckow

Street in Luckow

Street in Luckow

Home in Luckow

Home in Luckow

Luckow church steeple with clock

Luckow church dating to 13th century

Luckow church built with granite brickwork in the second half of the 13th century

Brick tower with slate roof built at end of 19th century

Part of cemetery next to church

Tombstones are removed 30 years after death of individual

Walk family gravestone

Entry to Luckow church

Interior of church

Pulpit area in church


Baptismal font up front

Altar in church

Balcony area

Back of church

Altar area viewed from balcony

Top of organ that was previously in church

Small chapel in front of church used in cold weather for worship

Weights for clock in tower

Weights suspended from above in church steeple

Clock mechanism - must be wound every Saturday

Bell in steeple

Closeup of church bell

Pigeon roost in church steeple

View of town from steeple

View of town from steeple

Herr Hammermeister, the caretaker of the church

Government project to restore windmill in Luckow

Pathway to historic windmill

The historic Luckow windmill

Some old machinery on display near windmill

The windmill is located on high hill near edge of Luckow

View of surrounding farm fields

Farm fields nearby

New wind turbine a few hundred meters from windmill

Wind turbine is used to generate electricity

Surrounding farm fields