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Willard / Harvey Bogenschneider
 Family Reunion

The families of Willard and Harvey Bogenschneider had a family reunion at the home of Kevin and Lynn Haefs in Lomira, Wisconsin on July 22, 2007.  Willard and Harvey are the great grandsons of August Bogenschneider, who immigrated to the United States in 1870 from Kreis Randow, Pomerania, Prussia.

Lona Schaefer & Josh Haefs

Lona Schaefer & Josh Haefs

Emma Kertscher & Grace Bogenschneider

Lorna Bogenschneider & Harvey Bogenschneider

Harvey Bogenschneider

Jacob Duquaine & Hayden Stelter

Phyllis Bogenschneider

Bob & Darcy Bogenschneider, Lonn Bogenschneider, Easton Hidde, & Tammy Hidde

Lorna & Dennis Bogenschneider

Lonn Bogenschneider & Easton Hidde & Tammy Hidde

Frieda Bogenschneider

Craig & Judy Hahn

Travis Hahn

Bill & Spencer Kertscher

Harvey Bogenschneider

Tammy Stelter

Tina Croft

Kay Bogenschneider & Traci Kertscher

Tony Hidde, Kevin & Lynn Haefs

Tammy Hidde

Linda Kroll-Bogenschneider

Lona Schaefer

Jacob Duquaine



Carisa Haefs

Josh Haefs & Colleen Dineen

Jordyn Croft, Lynn Haefs & Dakota

Colleen Dineen & Josh Haefs

Lexi Bogenschneider & Dakota

Lyra Dallenogare

Lorna Bogenschneider & Easton Hidde

Carter & Travis Hahn

Lona Schaefer, Easton Hidde, Tammy & Tony Hidde