Photos from the 2008 Bogenschneider Family Reunion
 at Pommerntag, June 29, 2008

Bogenschneider Reunion Tent

Ronald Bogenschneider Family

Ronald Bogenschneider, Robert and Daphne Bogenschneider and Jordan, Paul and Robynn Loiselle, Michael Loiselle, Katlynne Ladd, James Ladd, and Jacob Ladd

The Chicago Bogenschneiders

Raymond and Anna Bogenschneider, with daughter Paula and her husband Ronald Linstrot

Raymond Bogenschneider with Elmer Meier, the President of the Pommerscher Verein

Raymond is 85 and a descendant of Albert Bogenschneider, whose picture he proudly wears on his shirt

Ronald Bogenschneider Family

Waiting for the other relatives to come

Allan Bogenschneider

Allan visits with Elmer Meier, Pommerscher Verein president

Family of Allan Bogenschneider

Jeff and Brooke Bogenschneider, Lisa Bogenschneider and her friend, and Allan's wife Mary

Daphne Bogenschneider and Jordan

Ryan Bogenschneider and daughter Adalin

Harvey and Elfrieda Bogenschneider

Robert Britzke and Tina came all the way from Arkansas for the reunion

Robert is a descendant of Karl Bogenschneider who immigrated to Jefferson County Wisconsin in 1880

Anna Bogenschneider

Although from Austrian heritage, she has survived her Pomeranian husband Raymond for 63 years

Family of Glenn Bogenschneider

Glenn and wife Sandy, son Ryan and wife Karin and their daughter Adalin

Paul Loiselle and Robert Bogenschneider families

Warren Moldenhauer visits with Gary and Kit Bogenschneider and the family of their son Tim

Families of Allan and Glenn Bogenschneider

The littlest Bogenschneider

Descendants of Reinhard Bogenschneider

Elaine Falk, her daughter Becky Warnke and her Warnke grandsons and nephew Neil and Karen Bogenschneider

Pat Ruffin, Duane Bogenschneider's friend, greets Roger and Virginia Pribnow

Neil Bogenschneider and Sandy and Karin Bogenschneider

The meeting of the youngest Bogenschneiders

Marcy Galasinski with her aunt and uncle Bonnie and Bob Block

Descendants of Herbert Bogenschneider

Reunion attendees

Another shot of the attendees

Still another shot of the attendees

If attendees didn't find themselves on the other pictures, maybe they can on this picture

Bob and Bonnie Block, Kristeen Christian, Lorna Bogenschneider and Kit Bogenschneider

Gary Bogenschneider and niece Katlynne Ladd

Robert Bogenschneider

Brothers Ronald and Gary Bogenschneider, sons of Elmer Bogenschneider

Neil and Dennis Bogenschneider

Bob Block and Gary Bogenschneider visit near the Loiselle and Robert Bogenschneider families

Warren Moldenhauer, his daughter Kristeen Christian, and Kit Bogenschneider

Allan, Jeff and Brett Bogenschneider, Karen Bogenschneider and Bonnie Block

Craig and Judy Bogenschneider Hahn

Becky Warnke and her four sons: Aaron, Bryan, Scott and Russ

Serious discussions among some of the Bogenschneider ladies

Sister-in-laws Elaine Falk and Mildred Bogenschneider

Warren Moldenhauer with daughters Koreen Breuer and Kristeen Christian

Virginia Bogenschneider Pribnow and Warren Moldenhauer, the son of Helen Bogenschneider Moldenhauer

August Bogenschneider family first cousins

Ronald, Gary, Glenn, Duane, Allan, Elaine, Mildred, Virginia, Bonnie and Mary

Elaine Falk, daughter Becky and grandsons

Dennis and Lorna Bogenschneider and sister Judy Bogenschneider Hahn

Ronald, Gary and Allan Bogenschneider

The beer pitchers are empty and the kids are tired -- it's almost time to go home

Cousins Elaine Falk and Virginia Pribnow

Marcus Falk and six grandchildren