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The Bogenschneider Family Worldwide web site is dedicated to the Bogenschneider surname and to its associated histories, lineages, and shared family information.

Family Web Sites

Below are some Bogenschneider web sites. If you have a web site you wish to list here, please forward the address and a short summary of the site to the webmaster at the address listed on the bottom of the page.

Ralf Bogenschneider, his wife Beate, and children Maribel and Luca live in the town Weil am Rhein, Germany, which is located at the juncture of Germany, Switzerland, and France. Information is given about each family member, about their home, and also about the area where they live. The site is in German.

Burkhard was a post-war refugee child, and his mother struggled to care for him and two younger brothers and sisters. The family settled in Lübeck, Germany, where he resided when he died.  At age 16 he started seeing the world by working on German ships.  Because of this background, he had an interest in ships and lighthouses.  He also worked in broadcasting, and he loved football and "oldies" music.  [Börks died on September 22, 2007 and his site no longer is available.]

Duane was born on a dairy farm in the state of Wisconsin. He is a descendant of August Bogenschneider, who came to the U.S. in 1870.  Duane, currently resides in the state of New York, but has also lived in nine other states. Duane has worked in education, publishing, and has had his own business. Today he is an Associate Professor in the library at Bronx Community College, Bronx, NY. His hobby is growing roses.  The site is in English.

Rothermel-Bascom Professor of Human Ecology
Professor, Human Development and Family Studies, UW Madison
Family Policy Specialist, UW Extension

Business Engineer at Legando AG, 2005-2010 Verein Robert Kennedy College, Zurich, Switzerland.

This is a private homepage of Robert Bogenschneider and includes E-texts of German essays, satire, poems and science fiction.  More than 160 satires, 350 poems, and 100 science fiction texts are included. The site is in German.

Short stories and poems by Heiko Bogenschneider.

Portrait of Antje Bogenschneider, Magdeburg, Germany.

"Haefs' Little Piece of Heaven"