Willard Bogenschneider (1926-1999)

Son of Alvin Bogenschneider; Grandson of Herman Bogenschneider; Great-Grandson of August Bogenschneider

Willard Bogenschneider, U.S. Army

Willard served in the police action in Korea, but before the actual war took place.

Obituary of Willard Bogenschneider

Obituary of Willard Bogenschneider, who died June 20, 1999

Willard and Phyllis Bogenschneider and their children

Williard and Phyllis Bogenschneider, with children Lonn, Lyra, Lynn & Lona (Lori is missing from picture)

Elsie Bogenschneider

Elsa (Elsie) Bogenschneider, mother of Willard & Harvey Bogenschneider, and former wife of Alvin Bogenschneider

Lori Bogenschneider and children

Lori Bogenschneider and children Mark and Jennifer

Obituary of Lori Bogenschneider

1993 obituary of Willard and Phyllis' daughter Lori.

Willard with father and son

Willard Bogenschneider with his father Alvin Bogenschneider and his son Lonn Bogenschneider

Willard and Phyllis Bogenschneider with grandchildren

Willard and Phyllis Bogenschneider with grandchildren

Lonn Bogenschneider

Lonn Bogenschneider, son of Willard and Phyllis Bogenschneider

Lonn Bogenschneider Family

Lonn Bogenschneider and wife Kathy with his children Tammy, Barry and Brad Bogenschneider

Lonn Bogenschneider and wife

Lonn Bogenschneider and his wife Christina

Brad, Barry, Tammy, Hannah & Kerrie

Children of Lonn Bogenschneider: Brad, Barry, and Tammy, and Brad's daughter Hannah and his wife Kerrie

Brad Bogenschneider and wife

Brad and Kerrie Carter Bogenschneider

Lyra Bogenschneider DallaNogare and family

Lyra and David DallaNogare and children Patrick and Nicolas

Lynn Bogenschneider Haefs and family

Kevin & Lynn Bogenschneider Haefs and children Joshua and Carisa

Lona Bogenschneider Schaefer and children

Lona Bogenschneider Schaefer and children Cody, Cameron, and Ky

Mark and Michele Bogenschneider

Mark and Michele Bogenschneider at their wedding

Mark and Michele and Bogenschneider family

Mark and Michele with the immediate Bogenschneider family

Mark Bogenschneider and children

Mark Bogenschneider and his children Kyler and Alexis

Children of Mark Bogenschneider with their mother Michelle

Michelle and children Kyler and Alexis

Morgan Cleveland

Morgan Cleveland, the daughter of Jennifer Bogenschneider Cleveland

Phyllis and Alexis Bogenschneider

Phyllis Bogenschneider with her great-granddaughter Alexis Bogenschneider

Krimzon Cleveland

Krimzon Cleveland, daughter of Jennifer Bogenschneider Cleveland and husband Nick Cleveland